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About Business Communication

With the belief that communication is central to the success of all human interaction and enterprise, this Business Communication Blog covers the whole gamut of communications used by companies – from small businesses to multinational corporations – both internally and externally. Because businesses are run by individuals and deal with individuals, the blog covers not only mass communications but also one-on-one communication, whether verbal or written, in print, online or through any other media.

About the Writer

Tessa Cruz San Diego majored in Communication Research at the University of the Philippines where she was managing editor of the school paper, Philippine Collegian. Since 1983, she has written for, edited and managed a wide range of publications for the academe, religious congregations, government institutions, and local and international organizations and NGOs.

Tessa also writes fiction and has published almost a hundred bestselling Filipino romance novels under the pen name Maia Jose. Aside from being a freelance writer/editor, she is now into blogging and writing ebooks while being a film concept developer and screenwriter-in-training. She is married to businessman and fellow freelance writer/editor and blogger Boyette San Diego (Business Ethics) with whom she has three children.

Tessa can be reached at btc3 at pacific dot net dot ph.

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