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Since our weblog first came live in April 2005, we at have been posting tips for safe and efficient business travel.

Our blog is fast becoming a popular resource of articles on how to manage one's time and resources in order to travel more productively and more memorably. As the world becomes more globalized, with the help of the Internet, travel is becoming a major concern of even the small entrepreneurs, who are able to build valuable business contacts everywhere in the world.

We plan to add more unique content to our weblog which will step up interactivity and upgrade the quality of information our readers receive.

Be part of this experience! Advertise with Business Trips, drive visitors to your site as we continue to grow and gain in readership!

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Advertising Packages

We can host your advertisement in two ways:

You may design your own banners. They can be static or animated, fixed or rotating, and as colorful as you want! However, please note that all ads, banner or text, are subject to the approval of the staff before inclusion.

The half-banner ad size (234 x 60px) is available for any package. However, the Gold and Silver packages allow for greater flexibility of size and design.

All packages are active within six (6) months after purchase. You will be alerted by email shortly before this term expires. After you receive this email you may choose to renew your package for another six (6) months, or purchase another package.

Buying an ad three (3) months or more in advance entitles you to a discount! Fill up the form below to ask for details.

Gold Package
The Gold Package assures the highest visibility, hence highest clickthru potential, of all the ads in the site. This is the banner ad at the very top of the page, above the site's logo and the content itself.

Only a limited number of ads may be located in this section. The dimensions for Gold Package ads are also limited to full banner and half-banner only.

728x90 full banner placement
468x60 banner placement

banner specs:

  • 728 x 90px (full banner) and 234 x 60px (half-banner)
  • static/animated/interactive
  • rotating/fixed
  • .gif, .jpg, or .swf only

price: US$2,500/mo.

Silver Package
The Silver Package is for medium sized ads that may be found in the middle of posts, or in-between posts as dividers.

The advantage of the Silver Package is that you have greater command over the size of your ad -- however, there is less visibility.

468x60 banner placement120x240 banner placement

banner specs:

  • variable, but with a limit of 468px width and 240px height; suggested -sizes are 468 x 60 (horizontal) and 120 x 240 (vertical)
  • static/animated/interactive
  • rotating/fixed
  • .gif, .jpg, or .swf only

price: US$1,000/mo.

Bronze Package
The Bronze Package is for ads that are restricted in size. These are located only at the bottom of the left sidebar, therefore there is much less visibility.

234x60 banner placement

banner specs:

  • variable, but with a limit of 234px width and 60px height
  • static/animated/interactive
  • rotating/fixed
  • .gif, .jpg, or .swf only

price: US$250/mo.

Sponsorship Package

All text ads are considered "sponsorship ads" and placed beneath the Bronze Package ads, at the very bottom of the left sidebar. A text ad may be a link exchange, or a one-way link back to your blog or website.

The cost to include a text ad is significantly less than a banner, but as you can have many text ads all at once, there is also much less visibility.

price: US$50/mo.

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